About Us

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Our History

With a collective vision for northern development & ownership, a team of people came together to form Northern Resource Trucking.

In the mid-1980's Myles Venne, once Chief of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band, directed Dave McIlmoyl, who was at the time the Band's Executive Director, to seek out strong and secure business opportunities for his people.

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About Northern Resource Trucking

Northern Resource Trucking is a limited partnership that was formed in 1986 and is comprised of twelve First Nations & M├ętis partners from communities throughout northern Saskatchewan, along with Trimac Transportation. The NRT Partnership was formed by northern people for northern people and continues to help build the northern economy.

Our fleet covers the immense distance between northern mine sites, hauling consumables, mining materials, liquid bulk & dry bulk commodities, and mining machinery for the companies that mine the rich resources of this region.

Throughout the years, NRT drivers have maintained an excellent safety record that is unsurpassed in the industry. Our business expertise, knowledge, and experience make NRT the best of the best.

A key ingredient in the make-up of NRT has always been a caring, nurturing environment in which the potential of its staff can develop and grow. Over the past twenty-eight years, NRT has trained drivers, dispatchers, and administrative staff. Our sizeable fleet, now roughly 200 people, some of who are northern owner-operators and independent business people, speaks to the success of NRT. Everyone on the NRT team has an important role to play in the day-to-day delivery of safe, dependable, and efficient service to our customers.

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Our Partners

NRT is comprised of 12 First Nations & Metis along with Trimac Transportation.

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NRT Training School

Our training school, located in La Ronge provides 1A Training year round. Visit the NRT Training School on Facebook.

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Our Community

NRT is an integral part of the Saskatoon and northern communities, contributing to a wide variety of projects, causes, and sporting events such as hockey teams, community artists, and school trips.


Safety On The Road

Safety is an essential of the NRT operation. Most often transporting hazardous goods, NRT drivers carry a huge responsibility. They are well equipped for the challenge of getting each load safely to its destination, handling it during loading and unloading with a skill born of rigorous training.

NRT's high safety standards and ongoing training pay off. Our drivers travel in excess of eight million miles a year, much of it on winding gravel roads, though the heat and dust of summer, and the ice, blizzards, and desperate cold of winter. Our well-trained, experienced drivers assume responsibility for the day-to-day safety of their trucks, with routine checks. Every six months, vehicles undergo a mandatory government safety inspection and, at the three-month point in between, a company check.

For NRT owner-operators and company drivers, training is ongoing. All are initially company-trained. Thereafter, every three years, they take a professional driving improvement course to maintain the highest operating standards.

Refresher and update courses, taken every three years, on the safe transportation of hazardous goods (WHMIS and TDG), and an ongoing emphasis on strict safety procedures also contribute to a safe operation.

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